F.A.Q Frequently asked questions.

What is BORPower®?

"BORPower® is a nanotechnological product with exceptional tribological properties and is the most effective lubricant additive for all 4-stroke petrol, diesel and LPG engines. BORPower® takes advantage of the nano-crystalline nature of its active ingredients boron diamond powder (MCDP) and nano boron. These extremely small particles help to drastically reduce friction and abrasion on working metal surfaces using the hard-coating and bearing-ball effect thus increasing horsepower and reducing fuel consumption and therefore CO2 and other emissions." 

What are the benefits from using BORPower®?

"BORPower® works by building up boron metal films in the engine which offer a long-lasting, heat-resistant protection against engine friction and wear, increasing the engine power by up to ten per cent. The reduction in friction not only offers better levels of performance but also reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent and lowers engine noise levels. BORPower® also saves the environment, since the vehicle emission of CO2 and other pollutants decrease in line with reduced fuel consumption. Less friction also means lower temperatures in the engine, which lowers the burn-up and degradation of the motor oil. As a result BORPower® increases the motor oil's quality and performance."

Are there any adverse effects on the engine when applying BORPower®?

"In a word, no. The active ingredients boron diamond powder (MCDP) and nano boron of BORPower® are chemically inert. Boron is a well-known high-tech lubricant, which is extremely stable even at the very large temperatures and pressures apparent in a running engine." 

What are the differences between BORPower® and existing lubricant products on the market?

"BORPower® is the most efficient nano lubricant coating on the market. The active ingredient nano boron has the lowest friction coefficient among popular solid lubricant coatings. BORPower®'s working principle is physical and not chemical as is the case with most other lubricant additives. This makes BORPower® more effective and longer-lasting than chemical additives. Neither is BORPower® harmful to the engine as are most chemical additives, which are highly aggressive in particular at high temperatures. BORPower® is a high-tech product, a result of nanotechnology process with exclusive know-how. BORPower® offers an "all-in one" solution gathering benefits on fuel saving, engine performance increase, and CO2 emissions decrease. It comes with publicly published independent test results and certificates and a disclosed manufacturing warranty." 

Is there any degradation of the function of the motor oil when applying BORPower®?

"No, the active ingredients of BORPower® are chemically inert and extremely stable in particular under the high temperatures and pressures apparent in a running engine. In fact, the motor oil's quality and performance is increased since BORPower® drastically reduces friction and heat development in the engine. As a result BORPower® does not degrade but supports the function of the motor oil, since oil burn-up and pollution is lowered when applying BORPower®." 

What happens when BORPower® is mixed with high-performance synthetic motor oils ? Is the function of these oils or the engine damaged?

"Once again the answer is no. BORPower® boosts the function of all motor oils and actually enables users to opt for cheaper motor oils with lesser lubrication capabilities than expensive high-performance oils. If a particular synthetic motor has other responsibilities beside lubrication and friction reduction, no functional degradation occurs when applying BORPower®, since its active ingredients are chemically inert and extremely stable."  

What happens when BORPower® is applied in excess?

"Applying more than the recommended amount of BORPower® causes no physical damage to the engine. Instead, the engine is better protected against friction and wear, since the boron metal protection film in the engine develops faster and is more compact. Excess amounts of the active ingredients remain as emulsion in the motor oil. A further reduction of the fuel consumption of the vehicle and a further increase of the motor power can be expected, but at small levels." 

How does BORPower® work in the engine?

"BORPower® contains the active ingredients boron diamond powder (MCDP) and nano boron. Under high pressure between two metal surfaces, the boron diamond crystals are pressed into the material to form a boron metal film. This film is diamond-hard and at the same time very slippery. The nano boron forms a low-friction solid lubricant film in between these films. Boron diamond crystals not integrated into the metal surface act as bearing balls, which further reduces friction and abrasion. The boron diamond crystals are five nanometres in diameter, which is the 100,000th the width of a human hair!"


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